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Review: KBEar KS2 – For the Bass Lovers

When I first saw the “KBEAR” branding, I pictured a bear wearing earphones. But it’s not an animal—KB Ear (as it’s actually styled) is a Chinese earphone maker who has launched a number of entry-level and mid-fi choices to the in-ear market in recent months. The KS2 in particular is one of the most entry-level […]

Review: MrSpeakers Ether CX

When it comes to premium boutique headphones, no other brand stands out quite as much as MrSpeakers. Well, what was MrSpeakers. The company is now known as Dan Clark Audio (named after its founder) and is a bespoke headphone maker from California. Everything the firm makes is focused solely on being upscale; premium planar magnetic […]

Review: Fiio FH7 a Flagship 3-in-1 IEM Unlike Any Other

The Fiio FH7 is the cream of the crop IEM for a 12-year-old Chinese electronics manufacturer that needs no introduction. Still, we’ll give them one. Since springing to life in 2007, Fiio has long-since made a name for itself in the HiFi community by creating fantastic product offerings since its infancy. I’d even go as […]

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V-Moda’s New M-200 ANC is Company’s First Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Cans

When it comes to portable noise-cancelling headphones, your options are far and wide. Now, lifestyle brand V-Moda is tapping into the market with an amped-up version of its M-200 Bluetooth headphones.

Headphonist Launches All-New Schiit Desk Mounting Solution

A clean desk is hard to find. Our workspaces, especially during Covid, have been difficult to maintain, and desk real estate is a hot commodity in cramped spaces. And for headphone users, that means giving up a good chunk of our desk for amplifiers and DACs. Not anymore.

The Hidden Gem of Hi-Fi: Thrift Stores

Hi-Fi comes in all shapes and sizes. But despite us living paycheck-to-paycheck in order to fund this hobby, there are cheap ways to get high quality gear without the high price tag. There just happens to be one little factor involved: luck.

Elon Musk Rocks Audeze LCD-XC in New EDM Single

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is on a roll. His company’s stock has been soaring lately, making it the second most valuable automaker in the world (bested only by Toyota) and the company is set to release the Model Y crossover earlier than anticipated.