Headphonist Launches All-New Schiit Desk Mounting Solution

Headphonist Launches All-New Schiit Desk Mounting Solution

A clean desk is hard to find. Our workspaces, especially during Covid, have been difficult to maintain, and desk real estate is a hot commodity in cramped spaces. And for headphone users, that means giving up a good chunk of our desk for amplifiers and DACs. Not anymore.

Headphonist has designed a revolutionary 3D-printed mount for the Schiit Magni and Modi product line which enables owners of these fantastic products to move them underneath of a wooden surface (like a desk), allowing them to recoup desk space while still maintaining proper ventilation.

The kit includes two sets of mounts which is enough to mount an entire Schiit stack (Magni + Modi) under a desk. All mounting hardware and elongated machine screws are included with the kit, enabling owners to quickly mount their products underneath of any wooden desk.

Headphonist’s mounting kit is priced at $30 can be found in the shop. In the future, Headphonist will release similar solution for other products in the Schiit lineup.

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