Five Great Headphone Hangers for Your Wall

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Five Great Headphone Hangers for Your Wall

Displaying your collection of cans is something that many audio lovers just enjoy doing. Often, the headphones that we enjoy wearing so much frequently live a double life as show piece in at least one of the rooms in our homes.

When you begin to run out of desk space, you’ll start to move to the wall – and that’s where this listicle will shine. Here are five picks for headphone hangers that we’d happily display on our walls.

Walnut and Aluminum Hanger

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A simple stained and contoured wooden holster nested with a flat-black hanger. Nothing screams Audeze or Grado quite like this particular piece – perfect for the classic-inspired can lover in all of us.

These are modestly priced at $16 per unit on Amazon, however, if you only have a small collection and want to display it proudly, this is a great option.

Brainwavz Cradle (Screwless)

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If you live in an apartment, you know the frustration of a landlord who wants their walls back hole-free. Fortunately, Brainwavz (the same company who makes aftermarket pads) has an answer: synthetic hooks with adhesive backing.

Fear not, despite the adhesive being the only thing connecting these to your wall, they claim to hold up to 3.3 pounds. That means even heavy beasts like the Audeze LCD-2 should have no problem. Note that this hook only supports headbands up to 4.5-inches wide.

Brainwavz sells a two-pack on Amazon for $13,


If you look up the Russian town of Smolensk, you’ll find a lot of brightly-colored Eastern European architecture. Look hard enough and you’ll find a small woodworking shop by the name of Rockwood.

Visually, these are perhaps my favorite on the list. Expertly formed Rusky-bred Beechwood and metal make up a true decorative piece, something you’re going to place as an obelisk to your hobby.

Rockwood sells all of its headphone hangers on Etsy, so it’s worth checking out the options (which range from $20 to $45). It’s worth noting that Rockwood also has quite a few headphone stands in its store as well, so if you’re more of a desk-dweller, that might be a viable option for you as well.

3D Printable Hanger

If you can’t tell, we have a thing for additive manufacturing. These headphone hooks are a prime example of how community-sourced designs and a 3D printer can go a long way.

This particular piece can be printed in any material you desire, including flexible TPU filament, and is extremely cost effective if you’ve got a large collection. In fact, these are the hooks we use to house our review units after we’ve retired them.

Available on Thingiverse as a free to download print, PrusaSlicer estimates each hanger will take around 2.5 hours to print with a 0.15mm layer height and cost of about $0.36.

Ikea Bjärnum Folding Hook

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Everyone remembers their first – headphone hanger, that is. This particular example is mine; a simple set of folding hooks from Ikea.

They fold flat when not in use, are modern in appearance, and just do the job for fairly cheap. If you’re looking for the best bang-for-buck and don’t necessarily care that these are a repurposed appliance, dig right in!

If you’re fortunate enough to have an Ikea near you, these hooks are available in-store as a three pack for $10. Similar non-Ikea branded hooks are available on Amazon in black as a four pack for $12.

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