Audeze Black Friday Sale is Live

Audeze Black Friday Sale is Live

Don’t panic, but this is probably one of the best Black Friday sales we’ve run into so far this year – and it’s from Audeze.

Makers of premium headphones, Audeze is perhaps one of the most well known names in the audiophile community, and there’s plenty of good reasons for it. But most importantly, it’s the sound offered across each product in its lineup.

But prepare your wallets because this deal is going to make you want to buy all of the gear you’ve been waiting for at a very discounted price. In fact, one might argue that Audeze has essentially brought its prices down to compete with even the used market.

The LCD-2 for under $500? LCDi4 for under $1,000? The Mobius for $249 This isn’t a dream, it’s just one of the best sales we’ve seen to date.

Keep in mind that these are B-stock units, which Audeze has previously described as follows:

“B-Stock” means the product might have some minor imperfection(s), but if you look at the headphones from 1-2 feet away, they will look perfect. These headphones come with our full warranty.

Audeze’s 3-year warranty applies to these items just as they would any other new item with the exception of the Mobius, which is limited to one year.

Stock is supposed to last throughout Cyber Monday, but something tells us with deals like these, we’ll see them gone long before then. And of course, the sale is for the U.S. only, so international buyers can only watch from afar.

Check out the sale on Audeze’s site.

Edit: As of 6:00 PM Eastern, a number of products have already sold out, but you can still pick up five different products at a steep discount.

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