Four Great 3D Printable Add-Ons for Your Schiit Gear

Four Great 3D Printable Add-Ons for Your Schiit Gear

Rapid prototyping through additive manufacturing (more commonly known as 3D printing) is growing rapidly. Many people, myself included, use 3D printing to solve small and large problems in their lives. But did you know that some of the largest name in the audiophile game also prototype with 3D printing?

Yes! That includes Schiit who recently noted that they used 3D printing when designing the Bifrost 2. In the spirit of the holidays, let’s take a look at some of the best things you can print at home for your Schiit gear.

Mini Stack Mount

via Thingiverse

First and foremost is perhaps the most basic of Schiit stacking setups. This evenly spaces up to four Schiit devices 16mm apart, allowing for airflow and preventing your gear from moving around when you unplug your headphone cable.

This setup works with the Magni and Vali amps, Modi DAC, Sys preamp, Loki equalizer, Wyrd Decrapifier, and EITR SPDIF converter.

The designer of this particular piece included files for a two-device and three-device setup, meaning you’ll have no issues rocking a basic Magni+Modi stack.

And don’t worry, the bottom row is just short enough to allow the bottom-most piece of equipment to grip the desk, so no plastic sliding.

Vacuum Tube Guard

via Thingiverse

Listen – we all do stupid things. Sometimes those stupid things involve accidentally knocking something against your tube. And let me tell you, when you’re having a bad day and realized that you didn’t have any replacements, you’ll be wishing that you printed one of these guards.

Stacking by Another Name

via Thingiverse

If you happen to have taken it a bit further and purchased a Valhalla (or equally sized amp), you might be in a position where you miss the stackable nature of your Schiit gear.

Fortunately, some great designer has already taken care of this and created a nice stand to fit some larger gear over aptly-sized inlets that house smaller hardware.

Schiit Under-Desk Mount

via Thingiverse

Welcome to the way I mount my Magni+Modi stack in my office. Under the desk helps to maximize usable space above while also providing a nice clean wire-free appearance.

Make sure your chair sits low enough to avoid making contact with the stack – my arm rests still occasionally make contact, but everything has held steady.

The stock Schiit screws are a bit too shallow, so use four Phillips machine screws (#4-40 3/8in) for mounting. Yes, the Schiit family uses standard (non-metric) hardware; your best bet is a local Ace hardware. Home Depot did not stock the necessary screws.

I’ve also included a slimmed-down version that uses less filament.

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