About Open Box Headphones

So you’ve chosen to go with one of our open box offerings? Great idea! We offer open box deals to give customers a chance to purchase items that we’ve purchased for reviews or other reasons and now no longer have use for.

What is Open Box?

Open Box is our equivalent to “B-Stock” product. Meaning, units that we have used in reviews, demoed to customers, have taken back on return, or have otherwise been out of the box, plugged in, and then returned to the box for some reason.

Please note that “Open Box” units may have the following variances:

  • May or may not include the actual product box
    • Packaging is provided on a best-effort basis; if included, it may be perfect, or may exhibit cosmetic imperfections
  • May or may not include factory accessories and documentation
  • May include aftermarket accessories
    • Example: Aftermarket cable instead of OEM-branded cable
  • May or may not have cosmetic imperfections

All open box items are tested prior to shipping. We will not ship any items that fail to function in our tests. If an item exhibits functionality problems prior to shipping, we will notify you and refund your order accordingly.

What Open Box Isn’t

We will never sell a review unit provided to us by a manufacturer at no cost. We feel that this is a breach of ethics and pledge never to profit from a review sample in this way.

We strive for happiness—both for your ears and your wallet. That means making sure that we answer any questions you might have about our Open Box items. Please feel free to reach out with any inquiries you might have.

Questions? Feel free to ask away!