If you’re like me, you enjoy scouring the internet for great Black Friday deals related to your favorite hobbies. And sometimes, a deal pops up that’s so good and so affordable that you can’t really say no?

That’s today. And if you enjoy over-the-ear headphones and want to upgrade your budget gear or gaming setup to something just a little bit nicer, there are two headphones on sale today that you just can’t pass up: the Fidelio X2HR and its little brother, the SHP9500.

On sale for $99 and $54 (respectively), the two sets of cans are great deals for what is often many people’s introduction to the world of high fidelity audio.

The X2HR is best suited for those that appreciate v-shaped curves, while the SHP9500 is a more flat. Either is a great option for an introduction to open back headphones, but the X2HR is definitely for those that enjoy a more exciting sound.

And if you’re more of a Sennheiser guy and have a bit more money to spend, perhaps consider the 58x or 6xx. Drop tells us that the 58x and 6xx will be on sale for Cyber Monday, and the include an extra set of pads at no cost.