For many people, Apple’s AirPods are one of their first big audio purchases. Swiping your credit card for these little wireless earbuds will set you back around $160 and lock you into Apple’s ecosystem just a tad bit more. But lose one of them while you’re out and about, and you’ll pay beaucoup bucks ($69) to replace it.

Now imagine losing not one pair of AirPods, but misplacing 33 of them.

Yes, we said 33. As in thirty-three.

If you follow K-pop at all, the name Kim Namjoon might sound familiar – after all, he’s the lead singer of popular group BTS. In a recently live Q&A Namjoon had with fans, he casually broke the news that he was on his 34th pair of Apple’s tiny wireless buds.

Let’s do some quick math:

34 pairs of AirPods at $159 each means that the superstar has spent at least $5,247 to replace his missing ‘Pods. We’re sure that’s a drop in the bucket compared to his earnings, but for most people in the U.S., that’s around 8% of their annual household income, or a Focal Utopia with enough money left over to pick up a set of Campfire Audio Andromeda IEMs.

We’d like to believe that Namjoon is acting like some sort of gift-giver, losing the AirPods on purpose so that others can find them scattered across the land, or perhaps meet their significant other by pairing a lost left with a lost right. But realistically, they’re probably in someone’s bin or on Craigslist.